Hey you guys! Sorry haven’t been writing it’s been a lot of things going on in my life and it’s just my children and I. It’s very hard to have know one you can call and talk to without judging you. At this point in my life I don’t care because I am who I am and who I am going to be, I thought things was getting better but there not. At least not at this moment, I’m not a quitter so I refuse to stop fighting and pushing forward,I have no parents no family no one to call and check on us see if we still breathing so when I say my children are all we have that’s exactly what I mean. I have people I talk to who I thought was my friends but they are not. This  point in my life I’m just trying to have more faith and start my own business some how.  I didn’t have a Mom or Dad to encourage me or push me to go to college start a business or watch my children while I work. Hell I just lost a job I loved because my son was sick for two weeks and who was going to watch him? Nobody! No so called friends  or so called family.Just us! I’m tired very tired I cried all day I kept a smile and didn’t let my children see me cry. Who is going to help me? I have this blog because I need help finding my way back to whole happiness and helping people is one thing I’m great at .  I’m real and people want to hear real things because someone is going through some of the same  things  and I want to encourage you and motivate you because it’s hard not having anyone around. I’m divorced, that’s all I wanted in life is have a happy family. I never thought I would be raising  Children single all alone but I’m doing it. God is here with me even when it feels like he isn’t, I know he is. I’m here you guys we can get through this together. The only thing that keeps me going that  I’m excited for is starting my farming in March. I love you guys for listen and I’m always here happy or sad. I know my daughter is my Angel picking me up when I fall, because I fall to I’m not perfect how most people try and make it seem. I’m real!! Be blessed you guys and smile, It will get better😊😊


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