Hey you guys,

Things aren’t always good for me! I have an issue with not being able to provide for my children it makes me feel a way, and people who never been through or go through would never understand. I get up everyday to be better then what I was yesterday and do more then yesterday. As you know it doesn’t always happen that way life has a way of throwing a curve ball and sometimes it hits you home and hard. Well me, Yes! I have so many ideas and things I want to do but I have to be able to take care of my children first and everything else has to wait my children can’t be without lights, water, food etc. Nobody takes you seriously because they feel you wasting time. How is that? When you can’t catch a break this bill due that  bill due lost  your job only income is yours so where are you going to get this money for all of your wonderful ideas? How can you get to point a then b and c? Money right? Yes! So if you don’t it and have children who depends on you that’s first. You don’t have anyone beating down your door to check on your children, you or help you out, when all you want to do is be great and  do the things you love. I am all my children have so with that being said I can’t get up and go or buy the things I need to start my business because my funds are empty but my heart is big. That means nothing! I feel I am very misunderstood. I will achieve what makes me happy sooner or later, I will never give up! I want to be a farmer and help parents who lost they’re children find comfort just like I have. People don’t take me seriously because I don’t have money, that’s very sad. God knows I’m so serious about my business and helping others who are hurting because people who not hurt or haven’t been hurt doesn’t understand your pain. All I know is the devil is busy and all I want to do is plant seeds that make me extremely happy and at peace. That’s the only thing that makes me want to continue to live. It’s going to be hard times but think of all the good you have right now and your future.

I’m here you guys if you ever need some encouragement or an ear no judgement this a judge free zone.


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