Good morning 😎

Good morning you guys. I’m so blessed to be on this journey with you all, It has been a long time coming for me. I mean depression has all most took over I was un motivated had gained weight didn’t want to do anything because I had lost so much (I thought) but I had so much to live for I still had 3 other children who needed me but all I wanted was my  Da’nielle she was turkey baby, my twin,my first born everything to me.God wanted her back! I couldn’t take it! I didn’t understand I loved her so much,But she was hurting and was trying to be strong for me cause she knew I lost my mom and my granny. All I had was my Children I could see in her eyes she was tired but holding on. One day I was talking to my cousin and said that God will have the last say and a few days later she was resting in peace and my heart crumbled. It’s not a easy journey but that’s why I’m here so we can help each other, My Friend Nadia push me encourage me she believes in me when I started believing in myself and I thank God for her. Last year January 25 2017 I had a break through and determined to not let my past define my future I’m not My past and now I have 5 Children who I can’t imagine not living for my oldest now is going to be 18 next year so I’m doing a great job. Have a blessed guys remember I’m here..

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  1. You’re on your way Baby doll. Baby steps but this is actually a pretty big leap! All on Faith and Love! ive always wanted to blog but never took that chance. My neighbor, Tara, who was battling cancer, blogged and I still go to her site from time to time and have one of the notes she left me one day hanging on my bedroom wall (3 years). She was good for that. Your blessings are coming from God knows where now because you’re allowing yourself to receive them. You can just stand there and shout, ‘Gimme that blessing! Gimme That Blessing! GIMME THAT BLESSING!’ LOL! Love you~ *I’ll be back (In my Arnold voice…)!

    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoy it. My friend helped me she encouraged me to This because I love helping people especially to heal. So this blog is important to me. I love you for always having encouraging words for me..

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